Hosting a Wine Tasting Dinner

Wine is a drink that over the years has earned respect and prominence in the homes of many. It comes in an array of tastes and colors, enhancing the appearance and giving that much desired pleasure with each taste. When drank in proportion, it actually has medicinal value. The older it is, the sweeter the taste. Wine is good for a cheerful moment among friends and loved ones. As such, it is only natural to invite friends to share in the celebration of wine. It is important to ensure that all goes well during such gatherings to better the moods and atmosphere. With just the right steps, you can successfully host a wine tasting dinner that will always be anticipated.

Here they are:

1. Select the wines to be tasted

Creativity plays an important role here, since you do not know the preference of all your expected guests. You could select a variety of wines from your favorite winemaker or bring wines from a particular region together. Whatever you do, remember different people with different tastes will be in-attendance.

2. Decide what food to offer your guests

This is important. You should decide when to serve food and in what proportion, as the wine will need to be absorbed. You could serve something light before the tasting, or after, but not during.

3. Have appropriate wine glasses

They depend on the types of wine to be tasted. For example, red wines should be tasted in rounder, larger glasses than white wines. The glasses should be clear for the guests to see the wine color, and should have a stem so the guests will not interfere with the temperature of the wine when they hold the glass by the body.

4. Gather up the necessary tools and items

Apart from the wines and wine glasses, there are other items necessary for a successful wine dinner, such as wine openers, corkscrews, a bucket of ice for maintaining the cool temperature of white wine and crackers or bread to eat during the tasting. They should all be prepared based on the number of guests expected.

5. Send out invitations

If you have a large house, you can invite as many guests to your dinner as you wish. For an ordinary dinner, six people will be enough. You could invite people with a similar preference of wine to promote easy blending. For the invitation letters, you could write letters and distribute, or send e-mails if you want to be sophisticated.

6. Choose an appropriate time

It should be a suitable time. You could pick in the afternoon when people are not yet ready for supper or late in the night after everyone has eaten. Tasting wine requires a palate that wasn’t recently occupied with food to bring out its real taste.

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